LMSA By-Laws


The following By-Laws have been proposed and approved by the General Membership. Any changes will need to be reflected in an amendment from date of last approval.


This organization shall be known as LAKEHURST-MANCHESTER SOCCER ASSOCATION, (hereinafter referred to as L.M.S.A).


The purpose of L.M.S.A is:

  1. To promote the welfare of the game of soccer;

  2. To encourage the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship;

  3. To organize teams for the welfare of the children and adults who are members.


  1. Voting Members

  1. Executive Voting Members

  1. Executive Board Members, Board of Trustees, Appointed Positions And Team Voting Members

  2. Each travel team will be allowed three (3) Team Voting Members providing they are all present at the vote and must be designated as such on the team’s roster.

  1. One (1) Head Coach vote

  2. One (1) Assistant Coach vote

  3. One (1) 2nd Assistant or Team Manager vote (2nd assistant will be the allowed voter where 2nd assistants are designated

  1. Each recreation team will be allowed (2) Team Voting Members provided they are all present at the vote and must be designated as such within LMSA registration paperwork and must have a valid kid safe form.


  1. Any person currently listed as a Parent or Guardian of a registered LMSA player, or person registered and accepted as a volunteer is a member and may vote after the eighth monthly club meeting in which there is a record of them having attended within a twelve (12) month period

  2. To retain their vote, a General Voting Member must attend at least eight (8) monthly meetings within a period of one year.

  1. Each General Voting member of LMSA will be entitled to one (1) vote only, regardless of the number of categories under which they may qualify as set forth in paragraphs 2 herein.

  2. Each Executive Voting member of LMSA will be entitled to one (1) vote for each team they are listed as a coach or manager of so all teams will get equal representation.

  3. Only Executive Voting Members will be permitted to vote on Board positions candidacy. General Voting members will be permitted to vote on any and all By-law changes.

  1. All non-voting adults and currently registered players in the club shall be considered Associate Members.
    2) Associate Members shall not have voting privileges.


  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the following Elected officers of the Club:

  1. Club President

  2. Club First Vice President

  3. Traveling Teams Vice President

  4. Instructional/Recreational Teams Vice President

  5. Clinic Vice President

  6. Treasurer

  7. Sergeant-At-Arms

  8. Registrar

  9. Recording Secretary

  10. Administrative Secretary

  1. In order to qualify as a candidate for an office of LMSA, the person seeking candidacy must be a voting member over the age of 18 years.

  2. Duties of Elected Officers

  1. Club President

    The president will:

  1. Preside over all meetings of this club;

  2. Represent this club at meetings or conferences with other organizations;

  3. Be registered at the bank to co-sign with the Treasurer on all financial transactions of LMSA;

  4. Appoint all Committee Chairpersons;

  5. Perform any and all other duties as are usually associated with the office of President;

  6. Use his/her power of vote only on a secret ballot or any case where the vote would change result;

  7. Be the Chairperson of the travel player/coach/team determination committee.

  8. Oversee all general operations of LMSA

  9. Pre-requisite for the position of LMSA Club President is that the candidate must have held an elected board position during the direct previous term.

  1. Club First Vice President

    The Club First Vice President will:

  1. Performa all the duties and have all powers of the Club President in the absence of the President;

  2. Be registered at the bank to enable him/her to sign checks in the Club President’s absence;

  3. Be the safety officer of LMSA and follow up on any injured child or person registered with LMSA

  4. Maintain a record of insurance reports of injuries sustained by players and general member. A final disposition of all reports should be recorded as to payments, reimbursements, etc.

  5. Be a member of the travel player/coach/team determination committee

  1. Traveling Teams Vice President

    The Traveling Teams Vice President will:

  1. Coordinate all activities for all teams who participate in a NJYS sponsored travel league.

  2. Perform the duties of the Club First Vice President in their absence.

  3. Age group determination

  1. Be a member of the travel player/coach/team determination committee

  1. Attend all travel league meetings that LMSA travel teams participate in.

  1. Instructional/Recreational Vice President

    The Instructional/Recreational Vice President will:

  1. Coordinate all activities for the instructional/recreational program. (all players above clinic age but not designated as travel)

  2. Age group determination

  1. Be the member of the travel player/coach/team determination committee

  2. Set instructional/recreational team rosters

  1. Work with coaches to ensure they are teaching in accordance with LMSA guidelines

  2. Attend all meetings for leagues that LMSA instructional/recreational teams participate in.

  3. Oversee referee coordinator to ensure all instructional/recreational games have required referees.

  1. Clinic Vice President

    The Clinic Vice President will:

  1. Coordinate all activities for the Clinic program

  2. Age group determination

  1. Be a member of the travel player/coach/team determination committee

  2. Set team formations for clinic program

  1. Oversee all clinic program coaches

  1. Ensure coaches are teaching in accordance with LMSA guidelines

  2. Provide in-field training

  1. Attend all meetings for leagues that LMSA clinic teams participate in.

  1. Treasurer

    The Treasure will:

  1. Collect all monies of LMSA and deposit same in a Designated depository

  2. Pay all obligations of LMSA after such payment is approved by the executive board, with LMSA funds

  3. Submit a written report of the financial condition of LMSA at all regular monthly meetings.

  4. Notify the Executive Board of any delinquent payments or financial discrepancies following such discovery.

  1. Sergeant-At-Arms

    The Sergeant-At-Arms will:

  1. Maintain order at all meetings of LMSA

  2. Server as parliamentarian at each meeting.

  3. Server as Conflict Resolution officer

  4. Server as liaison between Club, Coaches, and Players

  1. Registrar

    The Registrar will:

  1. Maintain all records and attend to the proper registration of all players and coaches as designated by LMSA Board of Trustees.

  2. Maintain the membership Roster

  1. Recording Secretary

    The Recording Secretary will:

  1. Keep an accurate account of all meetings of LMSA and submit a written report to the Club President at Regular Meetings

  2. Be responsible for all club communications

  1. Adminstrative Secretary

    The Administrative Secretary will:

  1. Be responsible for helping gather and distribute all documents and administrative paperwork needed by the club.

  2. Will work closely with the registrar in ensuring necessary documents for player carding and registrations are kept


  1. The terms of office for all officers will be two (2) years

  2. If a vacancy arises for the office of Club President, the Club First Vice President shall succeed him/her. All other vacancies will be filled by appointment of the Club President.

  3. A vacancy will exist:

  1. If an officer misses three (3) consecutive General Membership meetings; or

  2. If an officer is dismissed by the Board of Trustees; or

  3. If an officer resigns, by submitting his/her resignation in writing.

  1. An officer is expected to turn over anything rightfully belonging to LMSA upon his/her dismissal or resignation

  1. Failure to turn over all rightfully belonging material of LMSA will result in future banning of any and all LMSA Executive Board Positions.

  1. The election of all officers shall take place at the regular General Membership meeting in May with nominations to be presented by voting members in April.

  1. The Executive Board shall be empowered to meet and conduct LMSA business between regular membership meetings when deemed necessary by the Club President.

  2. Quorum

    A quorum shall consist of a majority of at least 2/3 of the held positions (excluding vacant positions) of the Executive Board Members. A quorum shall be required at any meeting in order to conduct LMSA business.

  3. Dismissals of Executive Board Members

  1. An officer can be dismissed by the Board of Trustees if he or she is deemed to be willfully negligent in carrying out his or her duties as an officer or acts in a manner that is detrimental to the welfare and or purpose of this club.

  2. The person under consideration for dismissal must be notified in writing of the reason for dismissal and the date of the special meeting of the Board of Trustees at which he or she can be present to present his or her viewpoints. At least three (3) members of the Board of Trustees are required for an officer to be dismissed.


  1. A trustee is designated as a former Executive Board member who has fulfilled their complete term and left in good standing.

  1. Term of a Trustee is 2 years

  1. Board of Trustee is composed of the Executive Board members and any Trustees that may exist.

  2. Board of Trustees is the governing body of this club.

  3. Duties of the Trustees

    The trustees shall insure that all By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of LMSA are adhered to and insure the welfare of the Club and its participants.

  4. Dismissal’s

    Dismissal of a Trustee shall be handled in the same manner as a dismissal of an Executive Board Member.


  1. There shall be an annual meeting held on the first Tuesday of the month of May. This meeting will server for the election of Officers and designation of Trustees.

  2. Regular monthly meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month unless specified otherwise by the Club President and broadcasted to the general club members via email.

  3. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Club President, either for the General Membership or for the Executive board solely. The board of Trustees must be notified of said meetings via email.

  4. All general membership meetings shall follow a formal agenda as designated by the board of trustees.


  1. There shall be one standing committee, the Travel player/coach/team determination committee whose members are made up of the Club President, Club Vice President, Traveling Vice President, Instructional/Recreational Vice President, and Clinic Vice President.

  2. Other committees shall be designated by the Board of Trustees as needed and appropriate.

  1. Committee Chairpersons shall be designated by the Club President

  1. Association/League representatives shall be appointed by the Club President as needed and appropriate.


The Club President shall appoint the following positions at the July monthly general membership meeting of the year as deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees:

  1. Head Coach

  2. Head Referee

  3. Director of Training

  4. Field Coordinator/Referee Assignor


  1. All rules and regulations not specifically covered wherein this By-Laws document shall be decided upon by the Board of trustees on a per season basis.

  2. The rules and regulations shall be considered all day-to-day activities pertinent to the ongoing success of LMSA

  3. The general rules and regulations shall be recounted to the general membership at the monthly meeting immediately following the decision of said rules and regulations.

  4. The rules and regulations shall be changed as needed by a vote of the Board of Trustees at either the general membership monthly meeting, a special meeting of just the board of trustees, or by proxy vote via email when a meeting cannot be sufficiently arranged.

  5. All rules and regulations shall be documented by the Recording Secretary whenever possible.


The order of business for each monthly meeting of this club shall be as follows:

  1. Call to order

  2. Secretary’s Report

  3. Treasurers Report

  4. Clinic VP report

  5. Instructional/Recreational VP report

  6. Travel VP report

  7. Club First VP report

  8. Unfinished Business

  9. New Business

  10. Adjournment


Suggested Amendments to the By-Laws may be presented by any voting member of LMSA at the general membership monthly meeting and voted on by the voting members at the next general membership monthly meeting.

  1. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members present will be required for the passage of any amendment


This club may affiliate any number of teams with any other organizations as deemed necessary by the Executive Board. Any team so affiliated will be subject to the rules and regulations of that organization, in addition to any rules and regulation of LMSA.


The financial year shall be from July 1 to June 30. An audit shall be performed by a C.P.A. prior to the new Executive Board taking office.


  1. Always for the best interest of the Kids

  2. Coaching Integrity

  1. Demonstrate concern for the players

  2. Conduct coaching in a professional manner

  3. Maintain a professional attitude during games, specifically with referees and opposing coaches. Including foal language, alcohol, and confrontations.

  4. Maintain a perspective of LONG-TERM gains for the benefit of the players

  5. Provide positive and gentle coaching

  6. Work with fellow coaches for the betterment of the club and players

  7. Always coach to find something “right”

  8. Be honest, fair and supportive

  1. Respect for the game

  1. Comply with the rules of the game as set forth by the NJ youth soccer organization.

  2. Promote the game to players and parents

  3. Learn the latest in coaching techniques and tactics by attending classes and clinics whenever possible.

  4. Promote player development through practices, camps, trainings and high level games.

  5. Make an extraordinary effort to develop the players and team.

  6. Provide a challenging practice for player development.

  7. Present a coaching philosophy that requires skill development and ball control.

  1. Team Work

  1. Openly practice the policy of shared ownership.

  2. Openly acknowledge the good work, support, and efforts of other club members.

  3. Openly support club development.

  1. Accountability

  1. Support of co-coaches and our club, and know that their success depends on your actions.

  2. Be there for the kids; show up for practices and games consistently