Travel Team Tryouts

LMSA will be holding travel team tryouts for the upcomming Fall 2017/Spring 2016 seasonal year.  No prior registration is required.  All tryouts will be held at the LMSA soccer complex locatetd at 100 S. Colonial dr, Manchester (same access road as Manchester Twp High School)  Field 1 is the field closest to the colonial drive parking lot, Field 2 is the middle field directly in front of the snack stand.  Please check in at the snack stan upon arrival.  All tryouts will be from 6pm to 8pm except where specficially noted.


U16G/2002   5/22   field1
U14G/2004   5/23   field 1
U13G/2005   5/18   field 2
U12G/2006   5/23   field 2
U11G/2007   5/15   field 2  (5:30pm - 7:30pm)
U9G/2009     5/24   field 2
U8G/2010     5/17   field 2

U15B/2003   5/19   field 1
U14B/2004   5/23   field 1
U13B/2005   5/18   field 2
U12B/2006   5/22   field 2
U11B/2007   5/15   field 2
U10B/2008   Contact Coach Crissy (see team page for information)
U9B/2009     5/24   field 2
U8B/2010     5/17   field 2

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