**  tryouts for 5/17 (2006 girls and 2006 boys will be held as scheduled) **


Keeping in line with the new USSF guidelines for age group determination, LMSA will be readjusting our teams to follow the birth year age groups.  Tryouts dates are listed below for all players born in the designated birth year.  There is no pre-registration required to attend tryouts.  All tryouts will be held at the LMSA Soccer complex located at 100 S. Colonial drive.  Check-in will be at the snack stand.  Questions can be directed to

All players born in:

2009 Boys (new team)                                                                    Wednesday, May 25 6:00pm
2009 Girls (new team)                                                                    Wednesday, May 25 6:00pm

2008 Boys (coach Crissy Wiener)                                                 Monday,  May 23  6:00pm
2008 Girls (new team)                                                                    Monday,  May 23  6:00pm

2007 Boys (new team)                                                                   Monday,  May 16  6:00pm
2007 Girls (coach Billy Cloonan)                                                  Monday,  May 16  6:00pm

2006 Boys (coach John Rust)                                                       Tuesday,  May 17  6:00pm
2006 Girls (coach Erik Meyers)                                                    Tuesday,  May 17  6:00pm

2005 Boys (coach Keith DePhillips)                                            Thursday,  May 26  6:00pm
2005 Girls (coach Anthony Sernotti)                                         Thursday,  May 19  6:00pm

2004 Girls – Blue Storm (coach Bob Peluso)                             Friday,  May 20  6:00pm
2004 Boys (new team)                                                                  Wednsday, May 25 6:00pm

2003 Boys – Blue Dragons (coach Erik Meyers)                    Friday,  May 20  6:00pm
2003 Girls – Volcanos (coach PJ Martinez)                            Friday,  May 20  6:00pm
2002 Girls -  TBD                                                                         Friday,  May 20  6:00pm

2001 Girls – Destroyers (coach Tarryn Rasmusen)              Tuesday,  May 24  6:00pm  

Club end of year Picnic (All Star)

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